There are many reasons organizations are turning to Cloud technology

It’s flexible, scalable, offers cost savings, and has the mobile features to meet your business and employee demands. But what about your phone system?

You may be considering updating your phone system to the cloud but have concerns about security, control, and reliability.

The reality is: World-Class Cloud Phone Systems have largely addressed these worries.

Making your concerns disappear isn’t magic. The truth is, all of the concerns above are legitimate and it’s up to you to find a cloud phone solution that has an established track record. But you’re probably still wondering how, exactly, a cloud phone provider can make concerns like security and reliability disappear? 


Concern #1: Being secure in the Cloud

When most executives consider switching to a cloud-based phone solution, they initially picture everything that could go wrong:

Outsiders could steal a phone and use it to hack into their network

Someone might listen in on their calls

Someone may tap into the system to make international calls, which would cost the business dearly

Why security isn’t a concern: Sophisticated cloud phone solutions have firmware built into their phones that have unique digital signatures. These signatures can’t be re-written which limits the ability for somebody to hack the system to place, listen to, or disrupt calls. Additionally, these phone systems use SIP to encrypt signaling information. This prevents hackers from getting authentication information from the signaling to make their own calls or disrupt the VoIP service of the call.

Concern #2: Relinquishing system control to someone outside the business

If something goes wrong with your in-house phone system, it’s usually the IT manager’s job to handle the situation. Most IT managers like it that way because they can make changes when and how they choose, as well as proactively manage issues as they arise.

Why control isn’t a concern: While it might seem like a good thing to have total control over your phone system, passing off phone system management to a trusted third-party provider can actually save you — and your business — a significant amount of time. World-class cloud phone solutions give you the option to have total ownership over the phone system or to offload phone system management to someone you trust. This means you can still manage tasks like adding new users, restricting access, or watching call flow in real-time. If you’d rather not do those things, your leading cloud phone system providers will offer exceptional total management support. 

Concern #3: Ensuring your cloud phone system is reliable

The last thing your business needs is for your phone system to go down when customers are trying to call in with questions or new prospects are trying to reach a salesperson. By using a phone system managed by their own staff, most executives believe they can avoid this problem altogether.

Why reliability isn’t a concern: Today, world-class cloud phone solutions have built-in redundancy and reliability at every level — from the circuit, to the data center, to the phones, and the many different carriers. They increase staff productivity and deliver deeper business intelligence so you can use your phone system to grow your business, not just maintain it. Whether it’s a catastrophic event or simply a downed circuit, the best cloud phone solutions have methods in place to proactively deal with issues before they have a chance to impact your business and are capable of surviving just about anything.

It’s time to feel better about moving to the Cloud

Cloud phone systems can save you money in ways you didn’t anticipate:

they protecting revenue streams

they increase staff productivity

they ensure the security, reliability, and control your business requires  

All the assurances you need to banish your Cloud concerns and make an investment with long-term value for your business! To learn more about the Cloud, you can download this free infographic, cloud-vs-on-premise 2 and find out how a cloud phone system compares with an on-premise phone system. You can also visit our website or call us at: (877) 377-9418